Short Iron Fabrication


Short Iron not only manufacturers this product but also uses it… JasonShort Iron Fabrication
(Owner of Short Iron Fabrication) started out like most snow plowers do,
pushing snow to earn some extra dollars and he quickly realized that in
this business, time is money. So, he went out, purchased a back-blade
and added it to his truck making him a double threat against the ever
competitive snow removal market. Using both a front and back blade,
Jason found out quickly that this combination made clearing driveways
and parking lots faster and most importantly made him more MONEY as it
allowed him to add more customers to his route.

Short Iron FabricationAfter a couple of seasons, Jason found that the back-blade that he
purchased, although it did a good job, had some areas which he felt
could be improved to increase efficiency and reliability. Utilizing
Michigan’s tough winters for his R&D testing arena, Jason in 2006 built
his first Hydraulic Winged Back-Blade. Shortly after its build, Jason
began to receive many requests from friends to have one of their own.
Jason began supplying friends with his new Hydraulic Winged Back-Blade
making them some of his toughest customers and critics. This inspired
Jason to put out a Back-Blade that is built Michigan’s tough and one he
is proud to put his name on which he has been selling in the market for
the last 10 years.

The current version of the Short Iron Back-Blade has been in productionShort Iron Fabrication
over the last Five years and Jason has tweaked things here and there to
strive to make his Back-Blade as what he terms “Bullet Proof” as
possible. He has been selling this version of Back-Blade from Alaska to
New Jersey and has reached a point that, instead of being on the road
selling his product, he needs to spend more time in production and
continued R&D of the Short Iron product line. Which just so happen
during this time frame, a mutual customer of Short Iron and a well known distributor, introduced both companies to one another and after some talks both  came to an agreement in which Short Iron would continue to do what it does best, manufacturing of its Back-Blades.